We were about 2 years into our fertility journey when I started to realized that this was going to be a longer journey than I anticipated….


I had just transitioned into a new role in the company I was working for and I was sitting near this group of strong, amazing, fearless women. They all held different roles in the company that magnified their greatness. It was awesome working so close to them in proximity, even if we were on different teams.


Anyway, I was transitioning into my new role and since I was new to the area in the office, all the girls were really kind and welcoming. They were kindly complimenting my clothing and my earrings specifically. It became this thing with one of the women where she would notice my earrings every single day. I decided to buy her a pair and bring them in and gifted them to her. She was floored and sooo happy she about jumped out of her seat!


Amidst all of this, I was struggling deep down with the concerns of wondering why I wasn’t able to conceive. I was making decisions about seeing a doctor and trying to determine what path was right for me to get my babies here.


The bills were beginning to come in. I wasn’t just thinking about it and tracking my cycle at this point, I was taking action and it came at a price.


It was a price that John and I knew if we didn’t figure out a solution to, we would never be able to afford to figure out how to get our babies here.


I knew I needed to do something to bring in some way to pay for these bills and when I saw the joy that these earrings were bringing to my coworkers, they encouraged me to bring in some earrings that they could buy. I did just that! I brought in 30 pairs and they bought All. Of. Them! It was exciting!


They encouraged me to keep going and it was the perfect way for me to bring in some extra money to fund my fertility journey.


I was fearless that first year I was in business. I was so focused on spreading kindness through accessories all while feeling grateful I had a way to fund my doctor appointments and more natural approach to getting pregnant.


It hasn’t been easy doing Shop Blondee while managing my emotional fertility highs and lows. During the first few years of starting it, I was terrified to share that I started this business to fund my journey. I thought it showed weakness. I was wrong. I felt like every time I showed my face on stories and didn’t share my reason why with infertility, that I was hiding something and it felt wrong not to share my fertility journey with you all.


I had one friend give it to me straight, she was like - you just gotta start talking about it. You can’t wait for the right time. I felt it in my bones that she was right and it gave me the strength to start talking about it. Once I started doing it, I have never looked back. This community of Shop Blondee women have been so kind, understanding and so gracious in uniting their faiths with me in hopes that one day I will welcome my babies and I can’t wait for you to be here with me when I do. <3