We were babies!!!
John and I met at a wedding and a funeral! It’s such a unique story so I thought I would share it with you!
In 2010, I graduated college and I travelled back to California to visit my family for a weekend when my sweet cousin, Carol Joy, got sick. At that same time, my cousin Jordan was getting married and my whole family was in town.
We had all been invited to a dinner the night before Jordan’s wedding and I walked through the door and Jordan said “this guy is coming tonight and you guys are going to date”. 🙃 I was startled by his candor and kindly laughed and brushed it off because I was fine and didn’t need his help 🤣
Then later that evening, John (my husband) shows up. He comes through the front door, mind you I am in the backyard and didn’t see him enter. My other cousin Nicole comes running out to me, out of breath and fairly dramatic and says, “this guy just walked through the door and I think you’re going to marry him” 😳😳😳. She hadn’t ever met John before that moment. It was intriguing but also, what is going on with everyone??? Haha
We met as I was on my way out the door and he invited me to stay, I declined and left. 2 hours later my mom and dad called me and asked me, “who is this John guy?” I was shocked. I didn’t really know him, but I was intrigued by why were they asking me. It turns out John had sat down at the table next to them and he realized they were my parents so he began asking a ton of questions about me. “What is she like?” “What makes her who she is?” Etc. Slowly, the rest of my family that was still there gathered around and everyone shared their two cents of who I was to him. 😱😱😱 I was slightly mortified. Lol.
The next day, we spent the entire day together at the wedding and At one point I felt anxious about something and he very kindly and casually told me “it’s going to be OK” and it calmed my soul. (That is my favorite thing about him, he calms my soul. I love him to the moon for it.)
He ended up staying an entire week to spend more time with me. Sadly, my cousin Carol Joy Passed away and he attended her funeral with me. This picture is the morning of her funeral. It was our first photo together. And, I actually wanted to mourn with my family without him (I didn’t know him long and didn’t want to worry about thinking about what he thought while I cried etc) so I made him sit alone. I’m so mean. Lol
His true colors showed because he stayed the whole time and understood that my sweet cousin meant something to me. Looking back, I would have told my past self to let him come sit with her because he is a powerful force for peace and calmness in her life. She just didn’t know it yet. ❤