I remember the day really well... I was talking with a woman who was my colleague at work. She had her children already but LOVED when people got pregnant or were trying. She was cute about it. ❤️

Somehow we got into discussion that I had been “trying” for over a year. I knew that after a year of trying and not being successful that I should probably go see a doctor. However, I also remember being in denial that there was a problem. Part of me was just having fun while trying and the other part of me didn’t want to face the reality that there might be an issue 😬.

Back to talking with my colleague... she was almost like a young mother figure but she pushed me and basically told me it had been too long and that I needed to meet with a doctor. I was inspired by her tenacity and care for my situation and so I did it - I called a doctor another friend had recommended and got on his schedule!

My first visit with him was sweet. I still remember that he listened as I shared with him all that I felt and was worried about. I even cried as I shared some stuff. He never rushed me. He was patient and listened and then rolled up his sleeves and began to ask question after question to investigate the situation.

After some testing, he came to the conclusion that I suffered from a hypothyroid, high estrogen and endometriosis. All of which, I have attempted to overcome with medication and surgeries.

If I could go back to the start and tell myself any advice before the start of this journey it would be... This isn’t your are deserving of children and this doesn’t define your will only break you if you thought it was going to make are more than the results of your efforts.